Address: Via de' Macci 65r- 50122- Firenze (FI)

Sixty years ago, in the heart of Tuscany, our story began.

It all started when in a small mountain village, Leonardo bought an oven: he produced bread, "Schiacciata Toscana" and biscuits. Leonardo followed three simple rules: propose traditional recipes, use only genuine raw materials and follow his little intuitions to make the products he sold in the shop special. For this reason his oven soon, became a unique place, where in addition to bread, people came to buy all the baked goods but among the desserts his great invention stood out: chocolate biscuits. Its artisanal products, simple and delicious, were typical of Tuscan tradition and culture.

Today, sixty years later, in the heart of Florence, in an ancient oven that has existed since 1900, in the Sant'Ambrogio district, a place of Florentine traders and artisans, his son Marco has created a unique artisan oven of its kind: in our open-plan workshop we try to revive the flavors of the past, respecting the authenticity and tradition that distinguishes us, proposing innovative and refined combinations.

The scent of freshly baked bread, Schiacciata Toscana and cantucci fills the streets of the centre, attracting tourists and lovers of good food. Here everything is made by hand, with love and commitment, using only sourdough, natural flours and the highest quality raw materials.

We are proud of our roots, proud heirs of a great artisan culture, which we are committed to passing on and spreading throughout the world. From the beginning of 2022 we opened a new production laboratory in Rignano sull'Arno (Fi) and in December 2022 we opened a Boutique of exclusive Leonardo products, in Via Porta Rossa 14r in Florence.

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